Community clubs are encouraged to affiliate with Cross Country Yukon, the sport governing body for cross country skiing in the Yukon. 

Benefits of Affiliating with Cross Country Yukon

  1. Support from CCY's Community Programmer to initiate programs such as Jackrabbit and After School.
  2. Community visits to provide help as needed by your community (e.g. help with trail development, grooming information, leadership development, or on-ski sessions with your coaches or athletes).
  3. The option of insurance through Nordiq Canada
  4. Support for young skiers who would like to try racing, or would like to try out for Arctic Winter Games.
  5. Access to information about ski technique, ski playground development, skill sessions etc.
  6. Access to coaching courses (refer to our coaching courses page here: and contact us if you wish to have alternative training for your volunteers)
  7. Events such as Yukon Championships and other CCY events.
  8. News from Nordiq Canada to keep you updated on national programs and events.

So how does your club affiliate with CCY? 

If your club chooses to affiliate with CCY and you would like to have your club and members covered by insurance through Nordiq Canada, you must have your club / program members register through the Zone4 online process. The Community Programmer can help you with this (see contact info below).

If your club is self insured (through your school, first nation, municipality or community association) then you can opt out of having registration on Zone4, and you can pay a 'community affiliate' fee of $75 to CCY. (note: proof of insurance is required)

If your club is planning to borrow ski equipment from the WAFL lending library, it is no longer a requirement to be a CCY affiliate. You would contact RPAY (Recreation and Parks Association of Yukon).

There are two CCY affiliation options:

  1. INSURED (i.e. Club and participants insured through registration with Nordiq Canada) 
    • Who should pick this option: 
      • clubs who want / need insurance for their members
      • clubs / groups who are running a Skill Development Program (SDP) e.g. Bunny Rabbit / Jackrabbit program
    • What is the cost to our members?:
      • The minimum fee is $19 for each participant / member. This fee covers the cost of the insurance and the supports provided by Cross Country Canada and CCY programs. 
      • The community club may choose to add an additional membership fee as well. 
    • Instructions will be provided to clubs who are choosing this option and a registration form will be set up online, club banking information will be required so that zone4 can directly deposit membership fees to your club bank account.
    • The ideal scenario is that the individual club sets up it's own registration form on Zone4 and the individuals registering (or the parents of the individuals registering) fill out the form and pay registration fees online. 
    • The CCY community programmer can help set-up a Zone4 form and get you started! Speaking from experience, after you do online registration once, you will never look back!
  2. SELF INSURED - Club and participants are insured through their School, First Nation, Municipality or Community Association. 
    • This is a low-cost option and provides CCY affiliation for a flat fee of $75. 
    • The fee helps to cover the cost of community visits and other CCY support. 
    • Clubs choosing this option may register by clicking this link: Click here
    • Note: There are two payment options for the $75 fee: 1) a credit card online OR 2) you may select the cash/cheque option and you will receive an invoice from CCY by email. Payment will be due when the invoice is received.
    • Important! Choosing the self-insured option, make sure that you have the following information ready:
      • Insurance provider for your town, community association, First Nation or school
      • Policy number of the insurance coverage
    • Once again, the link to become a self-insured, Community Affiliate for the 2020-21 season is here: Click here

If you have a problem, or cannot access the internet, please let the community programmer know so that we can get you registered.

Community Programmer:
Mike Kramer 867-333-0394 (cell) or 

Thank you!